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PETRO 4221 and 4222

Course guide for the project in PETRO 4221 and 4222

Your Assignment

This is a technical paper assignment. You will be expected to look at various aspects of creating an oil well and presenting this information to potential investors.


From the Syllabus, you might need to analyze and include the following:

  • geological evaluation
  • formation evaluation
  • drilling & completion
  • decline analysis
  • production forecasts
  • reserve and risk analysis
  • facility design
  • Emphasis is placed on evaluating hydrocarbon properties and making investment decision.
  • The objective is to expose students to practical design problems based on real field data with all the associated shortcomings and uncertainties.



Petroleum Resources

Many of you will begin your research using the main search box on the libraries homepage. The University Libraries subscribes to many different databases that this search box will explore.


However, you may find it more helpful to go directly to the databases listed below. These are specialized, topical databases that contain information related to the sciences and to engineering topics.

Geology Resources

Map and Atlas Web Resources

Business Resources