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COHORT 4: Health and Environmental Sciences: How to Address Human Health Concerns in an Interconnected Age


Theses and Dissertations


Make Google Scholar Work for You!

Setting Google Scholar to work with the TTU Libraries allows you to use Google Scholar as your database, by allowing you to get the materials from the TTU libraries. Therefore the materials are creditable and reliable. 

Step 1. To change the settings click on the three dashesthree dashes in the upper left corner.

Step 2.  Click ongear iconSettings at the bottom of the slide out menu. 

Step 3. Click on Library links on far left.

Step 4. Type Texas Tech and nothing else.

Screenshot of Google Scholar with Library Links open

Step 4. Click on the box to include Texas Tech Univ. Libraries - FT@TTULib.

Step 5. Click Save.

Presenting Tips

TTU Presentation Identity Guidelines

TTU Poster Identity Guidelines

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Time management - plan for the content as well as the visual aid. 

Do not read to the audience.

Identify what lectures you have enjoyed, use those as models. 

Define words for audience.

Prepare for questions

Remember to Smile!