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Workshop: STEM Analytics and Analytic Tools for Researchers

STEM Analytics and Analytic Tools for Researchers

STEM Librarian

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Erin Burns
Library Mezzanine (balcony) Room 114

University Library
Texas Tech University
2802 18th St
Lubbock, TX 79410

Anayltics in Databases

Examples in STEM Databases

Examples in Web of Science

Web of Science has a visual citation report and you can analyze your search results. They are also changing their search interface as of spring 2021 so some things may look a little different.

This example is a sample search of the topics, "bioengineering" and "polymer".

Once the sample search is run, you will see options on the right side above the search results indicating "analyze results" and "citation report"

The following screenshots show the citation report first.





This is the analysis of the search results.




Examples in SCOPUS