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TTU-CR Library & Learing Support Services

Find information related to library and learning services at the Costa Rica campus; complete modules for points in a class or an orientation re-fresh, or peruse various sections as needed for a one-stop location for everything you need to know as a TTU-CR

Welcome to Texas Tech University - Costa Rica

We offer a wide variety of resources and services that aid in your work toward academic success.

Modules in this guide will help you to:

  • Learn about library and other support services available
  • Navigate the TTU-CR Library Website
  • Search for Materials
  • Use your library account to check out and request materials
  • Connect with librarians and more information online

Choose where to start and end the orientation - you will find eight modules with a quiz and feedback form to complete at the end.

Each participant will receive a QR code acting as a passport stamp for completing each module—the QR code located within each module quiz. Some instructors might offer you points for completing some or all modules.

We hope the provided information will help guide you toward academic success here at TTU-Costa Rica. Thank you for completing the orientation! Be sure to re-visit sections as needed.