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RIO Department Dashboard

Information, Statistics & Data about the Libraries' Research, Instruction & Outreach (RIO) Department

What are instruction statistics?

RIO Librarians will conduct varying forms of instruction to a broad variety of students, staff and faculty.

We have:

  • LIBR 1100 - Essentials of Scholarly Research, a one hour credit course that is taught in each long semester that introduces students to the basics and of library research, skills that they will be able utilize not only for the remainder of their college career, but also after they graduate
  • Classroom Instruction - a librarian goes into another instructor's class and teaching information literacy to their students
  • Research Days - area middle and high school classes come to the library for half or whole day research projects. Part of that event is that librarians teach them how to use the libraries resources, teach them ethical use of information and basics of the research cycle
  • Workshops-Each Semester, including the summer semesters, RIO librarians host workshops that cover many different relevant topics:
    • How to do a Literature Review
    • Basics of Library Research
    • Best Practices in Library Research
    • Fake News, Misinformation, and Pseudoscience
    • Getting Started with Education Resources
    • Getting Started with History Resources
    • Introduction to Library Resources for Music Majors & Minors
    • Managing Citations with Mendeley
    • Data Analysis and Visualization in R 
    • Publishing Your Research
    • How to use Document Delivery
    • Makerspace Workshops

    • Make with Cricut
    • Make with Rhino 3D
    • Make with 3D Printing
    • Make with AutoDesk
    • Make with Laser Cutting