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History: A Guide to Getting Started with Library Resources

This guide will help you locate resources for history.

Selected Letters, Diaries, and More from Historical Figures


Correspondence and other papers

Includes correspondence of John Adams and John Quincy Adam's diary

Correspondence and other papers of the inventor

Online collection of letters sent by children and young adults in WWII internment camps for Japanese-Americans.

Letters from Canadian soldiers with an emphasis on WWI and WWII.


Letters to and from Charles Darwin

Correspondence and other material

Correspondence and other papers

Correspondence and other papers

Journals from the 1803-1806 expedition

Carl Linnaeus' correspondence dating from 1735 to 1772

Collection of original diaries, letters, reminiscences, and political documents of early settlers in the PNW

Journals from the Pacific voyages and other material

Solomon D. Butcher's photographs and the letters of the Uriah W. Oblinger family illustrate the story of settlement on the Great Plains.

Letters and other material of the inventor

Correspondence and other papers

Includes letters and diaries on Westward Expansion.

Personal accounts of American war veterans, 1914-present. Library of Congress

Correspondence and other papers of the aviation pioneers