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Basics of Library Research Workshop

A guide to using popular resources and services at the University Library. Learn about your Personal Librarian, database searching and print and online resources.

Off-campus Access

To access online resources from off-campus, start at the Library website instead of going directly to a journal or database’s website. This step is necessary because the library website will prompt you to log in via eRaider to confirm you have access to resources through TTU subscriptions. Otherwise, the journal won't recognize that you’re affiliated with TTU and will likely ask you to pay to view articles.

  1. To search our library from off-campus, begin with OneSearch, the main search box on the library's homepage.Screenshot of TTU Libraries website with OneSearch search box highlighted
  2. Filter your search results to Availability: Full Text Online using the filters on the left.
    Screenshot of OneSearch with left sidebar "Full Text Online" highlighted
  3. You will be prompted to log in with your eRaider username and password if you haven't logged in previously. Then you'll be directed to the journal or other online resource.

Set up Google Scholar to connect to Texas Tech Library resources

Google Scholar is useful for locating scholarly articles. It generally searches a wider pool of sources than OneSearch and most databases. Follow these 5 easy steps to configure your Google Scholar account to connect our TTU subscriptions:

  1. Start at Set your Scholar preferences to show your affiliation with Texas Tech by clicking the menu button in the upper left.

    Screenshot of Google Scholar with menu button highlighted
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ option. Then click ‘Library links.’
    Screenshot of Google Scholar menu with Settings and Library links highlighted
  3. Search for "Texas Tech." Check the checkbox for “Texas Tech Univ. Libraries – FT@TTULib.” If “Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center” check boxes are checked, uncheck them.
    *Note: Searching for "Texas Tech University" won't give you the option you want.*
    Screenshot of Google Scholar library access links with Texas Tech Univ. Libraries highlighted
  4. After saving your preferences, return to the search box on the Scholar home page and type text keywords.
  5. When the results appear, you should see a FT@TTULib option that connects you to the full text of the article if we subscribe. Click that option and you will be directed to the resource via the Libraries’ website. If you are off-campus, you may be asked to log in with your eRaider account.

    Screenshot of Google Scholar search results for "kruger dunning" with FT@TTUlib links highlighted