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Building Community Profiles for Architecture

Resources to create a community profile for site selection and Architectural Practice.

Questions to Ask about Community Facilities and Services

  • What types of Medical and Health Care Facilities are available?
    • Where are they located?
    • Who do they serve?
    • Are they public or private?
  • What types of Educational Facilities (PK-high schools, higher education facilities, trade schools, etc.) are available?
    • Where are they located?
    • What size structures? What is the enrollment?
    • Are they public or private?
    • What are the school district boundaries? 
    • How are they rated? What is their reputation?
  • What types of Religious Facilities are available?
    • Where are they located
    • What is the size of the structures? What is the membership?
    • What services and activities are offered to members? What is offered to the general public?
    • What are the characteristics of the membership? What areas do they live in? What demographics?
  • What types of Public Works and Services are available (law enforcement, fire stations, ambulance and rescue services, postal services, libraries, public assistance)?
    • Where are they located?
    • What areas do they cover? What routes do they take (if applicable)?
    • How are they funded?
  • What types of Commercial Facilities are available (grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, etc.)
    • Where are they located?
    • What are the age and condition of the structures?

Medical and Health Care Facilities

Also search a specific State's Department of Health Services for quality indicators.

Educational Facilities

For public PreK-12 search a State's Educational Agency or Department or Individual School Districts for school enrollments and quality ratings.

Religious Facilities

What a directory of churches in the area?

  • Check the local chambers of commerce
  • Check the local newspapers for a religious section or listing of services

Want demographic information on individual churches?

  • Some denominations will release this data on their official websites

Public Works and Services

Many state health and human services agencies have specialized websites to find resources for food, health, housing, etc. Many state library and archive departments have websites to search for libraries in the state. For example in Texas:

Commercial Facilities

  • Check the local chambers of commerce
  • Search Public Parcel Viewer & Recorded Plats for the locations