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Building Community Profiles for Architecture

Resources to create a community profile for site selection and Architectural Practice.

Questions to Ask about Transportation Infrastructure

  • What are the current and long-term transportation and transit plans?
  • Have any transportation studies been performed on the affected community?·
  • What plans are there for managing congestion and demand?
  • How are the elderly, disabled, and/or economically disadvantaged served by transportation plans?
  • How are bicycles and pedestrians addressed in transportation plans?


TTU Library Databases

U.S. Transportation Agencies

State and Local Agencies

Look for the following information on the website for the State's Department of Transportation:
  • Specific District Statistics and Resources
  • Construction Projects, Plans, and Studies
  • Maps
  • Traffic Forecasting, Analysis, and Congestion
  • Roadway Inventory
Look for the following information on the website for the City or County:
  • Public Traffic Data and Maps
  • Traffic Management/Control Plans
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Plans and Regulations
  • Public Transportation Services