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Elsevier Negotiations for Science Direct: Home

Elsevier negotiations


  • In early 2020 Texas Tech University Libraries will begin negotiations with Elsevier for our next Science Direct contract. In the past Elsevier has been inflexible with their pricing model. Price and inflation rate is determined by Elsevier prior to the start of negotiations. However, inflation rate can be lowered by purchasing more Elsevier products. Basically a library's reduction or saving in the annual journal subscription costs is not possible without additional expenditures for other products (basically maintaining or even increasing the overall spend) or by canceling journals. 
  • Currently the Libraries provide access to over 2100 Science Direct ejournals through our core Science Direct subscriptions and the Science Direct Freedom Collection.
  • Science Direct expenditures account for 30% of the Libraries' total journal budget. To put this in perspective with our other ejournal providers:
    • Wiley - 14%
    • Springer/Nature - 11%
    • Sage - 5%
    • Institute of Physics - 2%

Since 2010 TTU Science Direct subscriptions costs have increased 49% for approximately the same number of ejournals.  We strive to keep access to content high while keeping costs as low as possible.  If we are unable to do so for our next contract we may be unable to provide access to these titles via Science Direct and must point you to other legal methods of access.