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Google Scholar

Connecting to TTU Libraries

Connecting Our Library to Google!

Setting Google Scholar to work with the TTU Libraries allows you to use Google Scholar as your database, allowing you to get the materials from the TTU libraries.

Step 1. To change the settings click on Menu Menu near the top left corner of the Google Scholar search page. 

Select Menu

Step 2.  Click on Settings. 


Step 3. Click on Library links on far left. 

Step 4. Type Texas Tech only, if you add the word University it does not find the one you need to select. 

Step 5. Click on the box to include Texas Tech Univ. Libraries - FT@TTULib

Step 6. Click Save.

Library Link Setup

Step 7. If you are off campus, you may login with your eRaider credentials when Google Scholar prompts you to sign in after you select FT@TTULib to the right of the search result.*

selecting full text

*If your browser supports or saves cookies, you should only have to do this once.