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Industrial Engineering 5346: Total Quality Systems

Dan McGrath's Total Quality Systems

Your Assignment

A 10-page paper is required for this course. The intent is for the student to perform an in-depth review of a quality topic of their choosing. The research paper is an individual effort for the student to perform an in-depth review and analysis of a quality topic of their choice. In addition, the student must interface with the Graduate Writing Center in order to improve the paper via a review by a professional editor. Topic selection and due date must be approved by the instructor.

Engineering Resources

Many of you will begin your research using the main search box on the libraries homepage. The University Libraries subscribes to many different databases that this search box will explore.


However, you may find it more helpful to go directly to the databases listed below. These are specialized, topical databases that contain information related to the sciences and to engineering topics.


Other Select Databases

Business Resource Guide:

You may also want to look at information from a particular industry. For systems quality in healthcare, for example, you might find relevant articles in some of the health and medical databases, like the ones listed below.