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Workshops: Tableau

Learn to use the Tableau for data visualization.


Tableau has several products we will be utilizing at Tableau Public and will discuss Tableau Desktop. Tableau is a software company that makes a suite of software for creating and publishing data visualizations. Tableau is a fully-featured software that allow you to import data and apply a number of different transformations to that data, and eventually create a number of different visualizations. These include charts, graphs, plots, maps, etc.  Then, Tableau can compose multiple visualizations together and add interactive elements like filters and point-and-click functionality. 

For this workshop you will need to create a Tableau Public account

Tableau Academic

Tableau Desktop for students - Tableau Desktop is free for students with a one year license.

Tableau Desktop for instructors - Tableau Desktop is free for instructors for teaching and non-commercial research. 

Files to Download

You will need the follow files downloaded and ready to use during the workshop:

Tableau Workshop Materials

Sample Dashboard in Tableau

Dashboard in Tableau

Additional Resources for Tableau Learning

Resources from Tableau  -

Workshop video - recorded Jan 2023