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AI Literacy in the Age of Generative AI

AI Literacy for Instructors of Record

The lists on the Library Guides are not an endorsement of any tool.

Especially regarding AI detectors. These detectors are problematic and not recommended as a sole indicator of academic misconduct.

What is AI literacy?

What is AI Literacy?

According to a 2020 paper, by Long & Magerko, who synthesized a variety of interdisciplinary literature into a set of core competencies:
AI literacy is the ability to:
  • critically evaluate AI technologies
  • communicate and collaborate effectively with AI
  • use AI as a tool-- online, at home, and in the workplace


Articles on AI literacy

This guide is a guide to generative AI only.

We cover those AI tools that can generate text, images, video, music or speech: Examples: ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Midjourney, Runway.


Last update Oct 21, 2023.

Content on this guide is borrowed and modified from University of Arizona.

Created by Erin Burns, Brian Quinn, Jenni Jacobs and Josh Salmans.