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AI Literacy in the Age of Generative AI

AI Literacy for Instructors of Record

Fact Checking

1. Look for context

  • What is the purpose of the AI generated text? What is it trying to convey?

2. Check data, stats and figures

  • Are any of the sources being cited? Are they accurate?

3. Verify the claims being made

  • General claims may be easy to skim over, but you must check any information for bias. Make sure evidence is supported by outside sources.

4. Consider limitations

  • Understand AI's limitations. Is this information really needed in the context in which you use it? Can the AI system really analyze and interpret the data? What are the other limitations and biases available within the system?

5. Consult experts. We at the library can help, you can setup an appointment here.

6. Use a detection tool, located on our detection page.

  • Be wary, as sometimes these tools will misinterpret English Language Learners attempts as being AI generated when they are not.