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AI Literacy in the Age of Generative AI

AI Literacy for Instructors of Record

Generative AI and Pedagogy

Thinking about ChatGPT as a pedagogy problem, rather than a plagiarism problem, is a way to approach our teaching generatively.
Scaffolding mitigates library anxiety, imposter syndrome, and accidental plagiarism.
Rather than assigning a big, summative paper or project at the end of the course, breaking it up into stages with student reflection reinforces original work and a growth mindset that can reduce the perceived need for students using a tool such as ChatGPT.
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Texas Tech Resources

Start with the TLPDC Website for examples of the following:
  • AI Plagiarism Detection
  • Sample Syllabi Statements
  • Sample Rubrics and Assessment Tools
  • Sample Assignments Incorporating ChatGPT


Referenced in Dr. Gregory's letter, several papers that show that AI detection software is biased against non-English speaking individuals, including the following: