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HIST 3395 & 4386: Pre- Colonial African History

Resource Guide for Pre-Colonial African History, HIST 3395 & HIST 4386

How to Locate Books Within the University Libraries


Browsing for Books Within the University Libraries

Look at the Subject Headings within Each Catalog Record: 

sample catalog entry for the university libraries record of an item

Each subject heading can lead you to select similar books or items within this category or field of study. 


Additional Search Tips:


  1. Historical sources—published
    • Use *current* name of country, a geographical region (ie. "Africa, East"),
      ethnic group--followed by "(African people)" as “Subject”
      ...and combine it with...“Subject” keywords like:
      “history“ | “description and travel” | “personal narratives” | sources
    • For works in African languages, use name of language...followed by the word "language" (ie. Fula language...for Pular, Peul, Fulfulde, Fulani)
    • Colonial government publications in European languages:
      Search [name of the colonial territory], Great Britain Colonial Office, France, etc. as “Author” or “All Fields”

  2. Literary works
    • Search by author or title …or combine [name of individual language] as “Subject” with:

      literature | drama | fiction | poetry | criticism
    • Exceptions….African literature (English) ; African literature (French)