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Guide to Ebooks at Texas Tech

Ebooks are not as easily found as other books might be, or they might not be accessible at the time you need it.

They can be in different databases, with different usage per item allowed. For example, you may want to be able to read the chapter that your professor assigned, but when you finally get to the link there might be someone else using the book. If this happens, just wait a while before trying to access it again. Other ebooks allow multiple people to access them at any one time, it just depends on the ebook vendor. They can be also cost between 2 and 10 times the print prices.

The links below will send you to a stable link in OneSearch, Texas Tech University Libraries online catalog. From there, click the database link. This could be something like "ProQuest Ebook Central" or "SpringerLink". There are others as well.

See the list below for the ebooks and textbooks that might be useful to you in your time here at Texas Tech. If there is an ebook or textbook that should be added, please contact Erin Burns, STEM Librarian-- information is listed on the right side of this guide.