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Toolkit for Planning a University System-Wide Open Education Week Event: Who is Involved?

This will serve as a toolkit for open education advocates and practioners in the higher education space who are interested in planning a system-wide event for Open Education Week.

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Determine Stakeholders Needed From Host Institution

One of the first tasks of the planning group should be to make a list of the stakeholders that will need to be involved. The type of event that the system is planning to develop will ultimately determine the stakeholders that the hosting institution should involve in the planning and implementation process.  Since the Texas Tech University System planned a virtual conference, let's use that as an example. Here is the list of departments and commitees that were needed to help plan and implement the Texas Tech virtual conference and why these areas would be helpful in planning the system-wide event.

Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center
  • They have been a strong supporter of open education at Texas Tech and prior OER events, presentations, and workshops had been hosted there
  • They have a great registration system for the events that they host
  • They offered to assist with outreach since they have access to large faculty centered email lists that include faculty throughout the entire system
Textbook Affordability Committee
  • This committee has presentatives from the Provosts' Office, University Libraries, eLearning, Student Success, Student Retention, Student Government Association, and faculty areas so it was important that they were made aware of the event
  • The wide-range of representation allowed for outreach to faculty, staff, and student areas
University Libraries Marketing & Communication Department
  • They are responsibile for creating all of the outreach materials for the libraries
  • They provide guidence for planning social media campaigns and are responsible for all of the offical TTU Libraries social media platforms
  • They complete forms for the university-wide announcement system
  • They can create/edit videos 
University Libraries IT Department
  • Since the event was going to be virtual, it was important that they were aware of the event and which plafrom it was going to be hosted on (Zoom)
  • They could assist with any major technical problems that arose