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Scanning at the Architecture Library

The Fancy Scanner

At the Architecture Library, we have a large format, high resolution scanner that everyone can use for scanning Drawings, Prints, Paintings, Multimedia Collages, etc. up to 18.5 x25 inches and can scan textural elements with the 3D illuminations setting.

STEP ONE: Connect to Scanner via Computer

  • Log on to the Computer.
  •  Open the WIDETEK icon on the desktop


*Note: Using the Touchscreen of the scanner and a USB is another option

STEP TWO: Choose an Easy Scan Template

Click on Templates to select one of the options explained below


Easy Scan Templates Characteristics

Template Name Color DPI File Format 3D Best for?
600 JPEG Color 600 JPEG No Precedent Research, Class Projects
600 3D Color 600 JPEG Yes Projects with Texture or Relief Patterns
600 PDF Color 600 PDF No Large Format Book Scanning
1200 TIFF Color 1200 TIFF No Highest Resolution Portfolio Scanning
1200 3D Color 1200 TIFF Yes Highest Resolution Scanning with Texture
Grayscale Grayscale 600 JPEG No Drawings and other works not in color

STEP THREE: Scanning

Click the green Scan Now Icon

Do you want to customize your scan options? See the Customized Scanning tab on the top left for instructions.


STEP FOUR: Save your Scans

Click Save.

Find Files in the Download Folder and Transfer via email or to OneDrive.

* Using the Touchscreen with a USB

This scanner produces large file sizes that are often too large to email (MAX 28MB). We recommend always using USB to save. You can borrow one from the Circulation Desk, just ask!

scanner with USB attached in front