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Document Delivery

Find more information about Document Delivery and answers to common questions.

Request Statuses

Awaiting Request Processing: Your request has been submitted to our system and has not yet been processed.

Awaiting Direct Request Sending: One of our automated systems is searching for the item you requested.

Awaiting Direct Request Lenders: One of our automated systems is requesting your item from potential lending libraries.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance: Your request is awaiting verification of copyright compliance.

Request in Processing: Your request is currently being processed by a Document Delivery staff member.

Awaiting RAPID Request Sending: One of our automated systems is searching for the article or book chapter you requested.

Awaiting Patron Response: We need extra information to fill your request. Please check your email for an email titled "Further Information Required" and respond with the requested information so we may complete your request.

Awaiting Extensive Searching: Your request is more difficult to locate than many requests and requires more in depth searching.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing: We have not yet found a lending library for this item. Your request is now awaiting a new round of processing.

Request Sent: Your request was sent to a list of lending libraries and we are waiting for a response.

Cancelled by ILL Staff: We were unable to fill this request. Please see the cancellation email sent for more information.

Available Statuses

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing: The item has arrived in our office but is not yet ready for pick up.

Awaiting Customer Contact: Your item is ready for pickup and you will receive a notification email shortly.

Customer Notified via E-Mail: Your item is ready for pickup.

Awaiting Shelving: These items are being shelved in our office to be picked up at the Main Library.

In Transit to Pickup Location: These items are queued to be delivered to branch libraries for pickup or to departmental offices for Faculty.

Awaiting Delivery: These items are queued to be shipped to Distance patrons.

Checked Out to Customer: You or an authorized user has picked up the item from our office or at the circulation desk.

Renewed by Customer: A renewal request has been placed for this request. You should receive an email regarding the new due date in the next few business days.

Item Checked In: The item was returned to our office and has been checked in.

In Transit from Customer: The item was returned to the circulation desk or the book drop and is waiting to be checked in in our office.

Awaiting Return Label Printing: The item was checked in and is queued to be returned to the lending library.

Request Finished: The request has been successfully processed and completed.

Awaiting Odyssey Processing: The article or book chapter has been sent to us by another library but has not yet been delivered.

Delivered to Web: The article or book chapter you requested may now be viewed through your Document Delivery account.

Overdue Statuses

Book Recalled by Lender: The lending library has recalled the item and changed the due date. Please return this item at your earliest convenience.

Billing Pending: The item is more than 8 days overdue. This is a final notice before your account is billed.

Sent to Billing: The item is more than 8 days overdue or has been reported as damaged by the lending library and you have been billed $225.00. This bill may be paid through Student Business Services or an exact replacement may be brought to our office.

Claimed Returned/Book Overdue: This item has been reported as returned or overdue do to extenuating circumstances. This queue keeps the item out of the billing process while it is searched for.

Common Emails

Requested Loan Has Arrived: Depending on your status, your item is ready for pickup or queued to be delivered.

**Reminder** your ILL item is due soon: This is an automatic due date reminder.

Interlibrary Loan Renewal Yes: Your item has been renewed. This email contains the new due date.

Interlibrary Loan Renewal No: Your item has not been renewed.

First Notice - Overdue ILL Item: Your item is three days overdue. You have not yet been billed.

Second Notice - Overdue ILL Item: Your item is four days overdue. You have not yet been billed.

Third Notice - Overdue ILL Item - Blocked in ILLiad: Your item is six days overdue. You have been blocked but have not yet been billed.

FINAL Notice of OVERDUE: Your item is eight or more days overdue. If you do not turn your item in promptly, you will be billed $225 per item.