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Open Access Journals

TTU Libraries provides editorial, technical, and publisher services support for open access journals from the TTU community.

Open Access Journals through TTU Libraries

Texas Tech University Libraries provides support for the publication and dissemination of scholarship from the Texas Tech Community, including support for increased access to TTU research through editorial, technical, and publisher services for local Open Access Journals.


What are Open Access Journals?

Open access journals are those that are available to the reader without charge.  

For more information about Open Access, visit our Open Access Guide.


Who do we support?

TTU Libraries provides support for journals from the Texas Tech community.  This includes:

  • Faculty-led journals
  • Student-led journals
  • Journals associated with institutes or organizations housed on the TTU campus

Journals can be:

  • New.  We'll help you get your journal off the ground.
  • Print-only.  We'll help you move the journal online and will import back issues.
  • Online, but self-published or with another publisher.  Whether your journal is currently open access or subscription-based, we'll help you transition to our system.


What types of services does TTU Libraries provide for journals?

We want to help you produce a high-quality and highly-regarded journal.  To help you get there, we provide three types of services:

  • Editorial: We'll make sure you know the ins and outs of running a journal.
  • Technical: We'll help troubleshoot any issues with the OJS platform.
  • Publisher-support: We'll make sure that you have access to services typically provided by publishers, including DOI assignment, indexing assistance, and metrics. 

For a full list of services, view the "Services" tab or contact

Hosting through Texas Digital Library

All journals supported through TTU Libraries are hosted through the Texas Digital Library (TDL)

TDL provides hosting and basic technical support for their journals.  Contact the TDL help desk to request that a journal instance be created.

Journal editors can interact directly with TDL or TTU Libraries can act as a mediator between the journal and TDL.

General Questions

Interested in working with TTU Libraries on your open access journal?  Want additional information?