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Open Access Journals

TTU Libraries provides editorial, technical, and publisher services support for open access journals from the TTU community.

Open Access Policy

All journals supported by the TTU Libraries must be openly available to the public and have open licensing which meets the full requirements of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, such as Creative Commons. Individual licenses may be left up to the editors and/or authors of each journal.

Ethics Policy

Journals published through Texas Tech University Libraries will adhere to ethical practices which promote transparency and best practices, including:

  • Credit and accountability for authorship, except for non-author contributors
  • Disclosing conflicts of interest (e.g. financial, personal and affiliate relationships that may influence contribution to the journal)
  • Processes for addressing misconduct (e.g. libel, plagiarism, data falsification)
  • Consistent and rigorous editorial practice
  • Enforcing research integrity

Ethical conduct will apply to authors, peer reviewers and editorial staff. In the case of conflict of interest, articles should be published with statements or supporting documentation. It is the responsibility of the journal to display policies on publication ethics on the journal site.

Communications Guidelines

It is expected that while Texas Tech University Libraries acts as publisher and provides support services for open access journals, communication between library and journal staff will be common. When a new question arises, emails should be sent to

We are implementing this procedure for a number of reasons, including to ensure coverage during staff absences, to share information among ourselves, to avoid bounce-back e-mails if an individual’s disk quota is exceeded, to ensure continuity in the event that a personal e-mail address changes or becomes defunct. Basically, this procedure will allow us to ensure that your questions are responded to as promptly as possible, no matter our schedules, the state of our inboxes, or personnel changes.

Once a Librarian has answered your initial email, you can continue conversation on that topic through that individual’s email address.  Any new questions should again be directed to

Migration Policy

If a journal intends to migrate from another platform or publisher, the following should be provided if available:

  • Previous publisher contact information
  • Memorandums of Understanding or Agreements signed
  • High resolution images (e.g. logo, covers, etc.)
  • Journal metadata (e.g. title, author names, etc.)
  • Copyright information