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Open Access Journals

TTU Libraries provides editorial, technical, and publisher services support for open access journals from the TTU community.

General Services

TTU Libraries will provide these services to every journal:

  1. Include link to the Journal’s OJS instance on TTU Libraries website.
  2. OJS training and consultations
    1. Initial training documentation
    2. Additional trainings, as requested
  3. Technical Assistance

Services Available Upon Request

  1. Scan back issues of the Journal
  2. Metadata Consultations
    1. For the first issue and back issues only.
  3. DOI assignment
    1. Contingent upon TTU Libraries’ membership in CrossRef (currently being finalized)
  4. ISSN Application Assistance
  5. Indexing assistance
  6. Copyright and Policy Consultations
  7. Inclusion in the TTU Library catalog

Disclaimer about hosting and TDL

Journals are hosted by the Texas Digital Library (TDL), which provides hosting, preservation, and technical support services.  TTU Libraries provides services which supplement the TDL provided services.  TTU Libraries is not able to duplicate or replace services provided by TDL.

More information available upon request

We are happy to provide additional details if you are interested in working with TTU Libraries on your open access journal. 

General Questions

Interested in working with TTU Libraries on your open access journal?  Want additional information?