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Open Access

This guide will provide recommendations and assistance in finding information about Open Access.

Cambridge University Press

Texas Tech University has a transformative agreement with Cambridge University Press, that Texas Tech Authors will be given the option for appropriate journals to have the library pay the Article Processing Charge.

To learn more about Open Access from Cambridge University Press, please view their website on Open Access for Authors.

Cambridge has this to say about their Open Access Journals:

"Our open access offering serves authors and the wider community by publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed OA content that allows readers to redistribute, re-use, and adapt the content in new works. A transformative agreement will allow you to convert your institution's publishing to OA sustainably, whilst also granting your patrons access to the high-quality Cambridge journals content.

Our open access publishing program is growing fast! Since 2021, 36% of our articles have been published open access, 90% of our journals now contain open access research and over 2,300 institutions are participating in a transformative agreement."

Cambridge University Press has many journals that are open access.