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Open Access

This guide will provide recommendations and assistance in finding information about Open Access.

Publish your books, monographs, and chapters with Open Access Publishers.

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Image Credit: "Open Access" by Debra Figueroa is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Publishing an Open Monograph

Below are listed just a few broad-spectrum publishers; please be aware that there are other subject-specific Open Access publishers. A much more complete listing can be found in the section of this guide entitled "Finding Open Access Materials."

University open access ePresses

Cambridge University Press includes an Open Access Monograph Publishing Service along with open access journals. 

Lumnios Publishing is a new open access publishing program for monographs from the University of California Open Press. 

MUP Open Monograph is an initiative from Manchester University Press (a founding member of the OAPEN project). 

Open Humanities Press collaborates with the University of Michigan Library (MPublishing) and uses the OMP software.  

Athabasca University Press (AU Press) is the first scholarly press to be established by a Canadian university in the twenty-first century. 

Open access monograph publishers

Open Book Publishers are aiming to become the primary hub for free peer-reviewed research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Ubiquity Press is a fully open access publisher, making all electronic formats of the monograph available online with a print on demand option. All books are published under a CC-BY license. 

Commercial publishers offering an open access option

Palgrave Open is a model proposed by Palgrave Macmillan, one of the largest traditional publishers of monographs in the humanities and social sciences. 

Brill announced Brill Open, its Open Access model, to include books – monographs and edited volumes.  

SpringerOpen charge an upfront fee at the beginning of the publication process. 

Pickering & Chatto offer authors and their funders an Open Access option under the Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC for monograph submissions, subject to a publishing fee. 

This section was created based on works by the Australian Open Access Support Group

Making Book Chapters Open

There are a few publishers that allow author self-archiving of book chapters. There is a maintained list of what publishers allow in terms of open access to chapters and books. Some permissions and restrictions are below:

Cambridge University Press

Generally, according to their Green Archiving Policy for Books page the submitted manuscript under review is allowed to be posted to multiple places, but the rules change once it is accepted for publication. 


Emerald permits authors to deposit their chapter in their institutional repository 'immediately post official publication', according to their 'Author rights' page

Oxford University Press

The rules relating to Oxford University Press titles are more complex and described on their Author Reuse and Self Archiving page. 

Palgrave MacMillan

Palgrave MacMillan's Policy for archiving in Institutional or Funding body Repositories (Green Open Access) allows authors to deposit their pre copy-edited version of  a single chapter of their single authored book, or one of their chapters included in a contributed volume. There is a 24 month embargo.

Routledge/Taylor & Francis

Routledge/Taylor & Francis have released Policies for Open Access Book Chapters which states that chapters from all their books are eligible for green open access. 

This section was created using resources from University of California San Francisco, Florida International University and Emory University.

Open Access Repositories and Publishers