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Open Access

This guide will provide recommendations and assistance in finding information about Open Access.

ThinkTech is the institutional repository for Texas Tech University.

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Think Tech FAQ

What is an institutional repository?


A digital institutional repository is a searchable, online collection of scholarly research and information. Repositories preserve and provide access to research, online journals, articles, conference agendas and papers, theses, image collections, and other scholarly works. Institutional repositories preserve an organization's legacy and promote communication among scholars.

Am I “publishing” my work if I put it into ThinkTech?
The ThinkTech repository is intended to complement scholarly publishing rather than to replace it. However, work placed in ThinkTech is openly accessible, ready to be read and studied, and able to be cited by any other scholar.

How will people find my work? Does ThinkTech index in search engines or databases?
Yes, people around the world can find items placed in these repositories using search engines such as Google and Google Scholar or open access search tools.

Does submitting to ThinkTech affect my copyright?

Absolutely not. We only license the right to publish it, display it, and preserve it.  We don’t claim copyright over it because Operating Procedure 30.22 states that TTU doesn’t claim copyright over academic work.

For previously published works, most publishers now allow self-archiving and these policies can be reviewed.

What types of files can be presented in the repository?

Many types of document, image, video, and audio files, as well as collections of files, can be uploaded into ThinkTech. Word and PowerPoint documents are automatically converted into .pdf files. You can submit conference papers, teaching materials, presentations and syllabi in addition to research as long as it is permitted by copyright policies.

How can I remove my item in ThinkTech?

Please contact the library for any removal requests or questions.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Please contact Heidi Winkler Digital Services Librarian (

Submitting to ThinkTech


Go to:

  1. Click on "Submit to ThinkTech!" Button
  2. Provide a contact email.
  3. Give us a citation for the work you want to publish in any citation format.
  4. Add an abstract or description.
  5. Load a copy of the work.
  6. Let us know if the file is a pre-print, a post-print, a publishers copy, or a different kind of file.
  7. Either sign a license or ask to be contacted about the license for more information before signing.
  8. There is an optional step of providing a CV for a free Open Access evaluation to see what else could be made open.
  9. Click submit. You will be contacted by a librarian about your submission.