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Native American & Indigenous Resources

Guide to help find resources on Native American and Indigenous Women's resources.

About Native American & Indigenous Women's Resources

This guide will help you with research in Native American & Indigenous communities! The guide identifies research tools, materials, resources, and information relevant to research in this area.

Indigenous and Native American Studies Circle

The TTU Indigenous and Native American Studies Certificate and Minor is available to both graduate and undergraduate students and specially enrolled students and will be established in the Graduate School for Graduate students. For more information on the program please visit the website

Helpful Search Terms & Tips

Find books and other resources on Native American and/or Indigenous peoples.

The following can be useful since "Native American" or "Indigenous" is a ethnonym that can be sometimes used as a catch-all.

Indigenous peoples include, but not limited to:

Lakota, Inuit, Aleutians, Mayas, Aymaras, Nguni, etc.

You can find more names of Indigenous peoples if you do a quick search on the internet, if you are looking for more specific tribes.

Use these terms in context of what you are searching within your area of research. For example: Kenyans and ancestral homes.

Use AND, OR, or NOT to limit results to include specific geographic areas, years, or other demographic.

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