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TTU-CR Citation Central

This guide has the purpose to provide a basic guideline in the different forms of citation and software for the TTU-CR students and faculty.

Possible Citation Styles

There are many different styles around the world and each academic discipline uses a different citation style according to its needs and information types. Each one defines its own standard for document structure and manners in which to cite information. Use the style that matches your major or course - ask you instructor or consult your syllabus regarding what style they prefer you use. Consult the list below for the most used styles and its majors or fields of study:

5 Common Formatting & Citation Styles

American Psychological Association
Modern Language Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Counsel of Science Editors (Scientific Style & Format)
Psychology English History Engineering Biology
Education Literature Art History Computer Science Physics
Business/Economics Foreign Language Fine Arts Chemistry
Nursing Communications Anthropology Geology
Linguistic Studies Religious Studies Philosophy