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Chicanx Latinx Feminism

Guide to help find resources regarding Chicana/Latina Feminisms.

About Chicana/x Latina/x Feminism

So what is Chicana Feminism?

The following description encompasses some of the concepts and ideologies:

"Chicana Feminism is a complex concept and practice that incorporates a wide variety of ideas and theories and cannot be easily defined. However, [my] particular concept of Chicana Feminism incorporates intersectionality; the act of claiming your gender and race/ethnicity/culture simultaneously, without placing one identity over the other. Identifying as a Chicana means more than just identifying with Mexican culture, it is also a political stance that involves a political and social awareness of existing inequalities. Similar to second wave feminism in the U.S., “Chicana Feminism” seeks to achieve social, political, and economic equality among the sexes, as well as incorporating a political stance and direct opposition to the evils of patriarchy. Furthermore, Chicana Feminism analyzes and recognizes numerous other forms of dis-empowerment and oppression such as racism, homophobia, and class inequality, in hopes of giving a voice to the silenced. Chicana Feminists seek liberation and emancipation from both sexism and racism."

This is just one person/group's description. To learn more, please visit links in this research guide, or search the library's catalog.

Helpful Search Terms & Tips

Find books and other resources on Chicana Feminisms.

The following terms or keywords can be useful since "Latin/x" or "Hispanic" is a ethnonym that can be sometimes used as a catch-all.

  • Latinx, Latino, Latina
  • Hispanic
  • Mexican American (sometimes hyphenated)
  • Chicano, Chicana, Chicanx, Xicana, Xicano, Xicanx, Tejano (from or related to Texas)
  • Puerto Rican, Nuyorican, Borinquén, boricua, borincano
  • Afro Latin, Afro Latina, Afro Latino (refers to Latin Americans of African ancestry; can include variety within cultures)
  • Columbian, Columbian American
  • Cuban, Salvadorian, Dominican, Guatemalan, Costa Rican

Use these terms in context of what you are searching within your area of research. For example: Chicana feminism art.

Use AND, OR, or NOT to limit results to include specific geographic areas, years, or other demographic.

Names Ya Oughta Know - Chicana Feminism

Below are some prominent names and groups integral to the formation of Chicano Movimiento --> Chicana - Chicana Feminism (list not complete)

League of Mexican American Women

Francesca Flores - co-founder & editor of Carta Editorial Renegeracion

Corinne Sanchez - Las Hijas de Cuauhtemoc Encuentro Femenil

Maylei Blackwell - Chicana Journalist

Lea Ybarra & Nina Genera - Use of print media - pamphlets, anti-draft effort, La Batalla Esta Aqui, Chicanos  & the War 1972

Maria Cortera & Linda Garcia Merchant - Chicana por Mi Raza Digital Memory Collective (oral histories / personal archives

Ester Hernandez, Chicana artist