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Esther Medina De Leon

Associate Librarian
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Esther Medina De Leon
Texas Tech University Libraries
2802 18th Street, MS0002
Lubbock, TX 79409
Associate Librarian at Texas Tech University Libraries. Originally, from Lubbock, Texas, I am a graduate of Lubbock Christian University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a specialization in Spanish; and, a graduate of University of North Texas in Denton, with a Masters in Library Science. I serve on the University's Hispanic Serving Institute Committee - RAISE, am a L.E.A.D. Fellow (Leaders Engaged in Advancing Diversity), a member of the Mexican American & Latina/o Studies Working Group; co-founder of the Chicana/x Latina/x Working Group; as well as, am the current adviser of Unidos por un Mismo Idioma (UMI) student organization. Out of four siblings, I am the second oldest and third to have received degrees in higher education.

My goals are to provide resources that are accessible to our campus community, provide leadership and research skills in the areas of diversity and Latino/Hispanic studies, as well as in the promotion of students, staff, and faculty in their own studies and professional and personal development. I also hope to one day own my own bookstore/community library/coffee shop/place where people who live in low-to-moderate socio-economic areas can receive information, resources and services in an environment that is conducive to their needs.

Areas of interest include diversity, equity, and inclusion studies, diversity within administration/management positions in the library and higher education, faculty mentoring, co-culture mentoring, and Hispanic, Chicana/o, Latina/o, culture, heritage, and growth to name a few. Through the organizations that I serve and advise I promote diversity and the Latino culture by advocating these organizations’ efforts of supporting their peer's growth in leadership, educational, and professional goals in many of the programs, scholarships, and activities that the organizations hold.

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