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Tome Raider - RRO Interactive Library Tour

Self-guided tour of the University Library. Contains audio clips for the Tome Raider game and transcripts for hearing-impaired.

Station #4, Basement & Instruction Lab


NOLEN: In the basement, and I could use some rest. There is a lot of space down here. There are so many desks. It’s more than my alma mater at least. It took me a bit longer to sift through this area.
I was first drawn to the left side. After jimmying one of the doors, I found a music studio. It’s called the Crossroads Recording Studio according to this brochure I found. And despite how lucratively state-of-the-art this equipment is, it was accessible for students to produce songs, vocal recordings and jam sessions. These students had it all. They even had experienced recording engineers on standby to help with any and all projects.
On the other side of the basement was the ATLC, which must stand for A Ton of…uhhh Lotta…Computers…It’s a computer lab and advertises itself to having essential software and staff to assist students, when open, with software questions. They also have comfy chairs, and rooms to use if not occupied, plus open computer space that tends to be more quiet.
(There is a click that ends recording. The recording clicks back on again)
(There is a rummaging through papers)

NOLEN: Supplemental. I’m recording in the basement again to highlight that my job isn’t all fun and games. I’m digging through the recycling bin of papers to find any useful data. I’m covered in paper cuts. Another battle scar for this grueling work.
Anyway, through these I learned the library hosts workshops and events. These can be something as simple as using a database to how to make certain projects at the Makerspace.  
These workshops can be on campus, online or at special locations. Students had to be on the lookout for these.  
But phew, at least I am almost done with the Basement.