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TTU-CR Course Materials

Provides general and specific information to students taking classes at TTU-CR regarding their textbook requirements and recommendations.

ACCT 2301/HRM 3322

ACCT 2301/HRM 3322: Financial and Managerial Accounting (Pauwels)

Required textbook: Survey of Accounting by Warren, 8th edition, 2018, Cengage. 9780357700006 (4-mo.) or 9780357700013 (12-mo.)

Important: Must have access to CengageNow homework features.

  • Subscribe to CengageUnlimited to access the ebook and homework features for 4-months or 12-months.

Note: If you took the first course in this series in the recent Fall semester and bought the 12-month access, you will not need to buy it again.