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TTU-CR Course Materials

Provides general and specific information to students taking classes at TTU-CR regarding their textbook requirements and recommendations.

TTU Costa Rica Textbook Requirements

Students should refer to their course Blackboard for access to the required textbook and any supplementary course materials and resources.

Some textbooks may be available in the library for temporary use on campus (up to 2 hours at a time, free of charge) as a temporary solution to accessing your required text. If this option is available for your textbook, the related information is provided on the course tabs on the left.


For questions or help:

  1. Consult your class syllabi or Blackboard course
  2. Ask your professor for clarification or assistance
  3. Email the TTU Bookstore with questions regarding purchases through their site
  4. Contact Isabel Urroz by email

U.S. Shipping Address

Some publishers require a U.S. shipping address - even when renting or buying access to an ebook or online tool.

  • In these instances, you may utilize a service such as Aeropost or Box Correos to establish the required shipping address.

Cengage Unlimited

Books for PHYS, CHEM, some MATH, and the PADR course materials are available through Cengage Unlimited, which is a subscription service that allows you to pay one price for access to all Cengage books for 4, 12, or 24 months depending on need (the longer the access, the cheaper the per semester cost). If you are in more than one class that uses a Cengage Unlimited book, it is likely cheaper to buy access to Unlimited than to buy each book individually. Be sure to buy the homework package if required and make sure your subscription will not expire before the end of the semester. You can buy your subscription and get instant access through Cengage, Amazon, or the TTU Bookstore website.

TTU Bookstore – Lubbock, TX

Many textbooks are available to buy through the TTU Bookstore online.

  • Print copies will require at least 2 weeks shipping time and may require a shipping service, such as Aeropost or Box Correos.
  • Electronic copies are often available as instant access – watch for anything that requires a physical code for digital access as those need to be shipped.
  • If you purchase a physical code for digital access from the TTU bookstore, send an email to and provide the textbook coordinator with this information:
    • your name,
    • the email address you used when purchasing the code,
    • and the order confirmation number.

Allow about 5 business days to receive your code via email.

User Guides from Publishers, etc.