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TTU-CR Course Materials

Provides general and specific information to students taking classes at TTU-CR regarding their textbook requirements and recommendations.

CS 3364

CS 3364: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Camacho)

Required textbook: Algorithm Design by Kleinberg & Tardos, 1st ed. 2021, Pearson, 9780137546350

  • Rent or buy through the TTU Bookstore, Amazon, or the Publisher

CS 3365

CS 3365: Software Engineering I (Jenkins)

Required textbook: Software Engineering by Sommerville; 2016, 10th Edition, Pearson Publishing

  • Rent or Buy eTextbook via VitalSource – Note the 180 subscription expiration date and purchase access so that you have it for the entire semester.
  • Rent or Buy digital  or paper (price varies): Amazon