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TTU-CR Course Materials

Provides general and specific information to students taking classes at TTU-CR regarding their textbook requirements and recommendations.

HIST 2301

HIST 2301: History of the United States from 1877 (Beene)

Required textbook: Out of Many: A History of the American People, Vol.II by Faragher [Revel Access card], 9780135233368, Pearson

  • Rent digital access from TTU Bookstore or Pearson

Required textbook: Let the People See: The Story of Emmett Till by Gorn, 2018, 9780199325122, Oxford

  • Rent ebook or buy print from Amazon or TTU Bookstore

Required textbook: Cloudbuster Nine: The Untold Story of Ted Williams and the Baseball Team that helped win WWII by Keene, 2020, 9781683583622, Sports Publishing

  • Buy print from TTU Bookstore
  • Buy print, ebook, or audiobook from Amazon