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TTU-CR Course Materials

Provides general and specific information to students taking classes at TTU-CR regarding their textbook requirements and recommendations.

ENGL 1301.S2

ENGL 1301: Essentials of College Rhetoric (Alter)

Required textbook: Introduction to College Rhetoric, by Callie F. Kostelich and Michael J. Faris, Top Hat, 2023.

  • Available on Top Hat.
    • Ask your professor for guidance.

ENGL 1302

ENGL 1302: Advanced College Rhetoric (Marsh)

Required textbook: They Say/I say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing with Readings by Graff, Birkenstein, & Durst, 5th ed, W.W. Norton, 9780393538724

Note: This book is also used in ENGL 1301

Required textbook: Rhetoric and Writing in College and Civic Life by McGraw Hill

  • Rent or Buy ebook through McGraw Hill in Blackboard – consult syllabus or instructor for more information
  • Buy ebook access code from TTU Bookstore
  • One ebook access code is available to buy from the TTU-CR Library 

Note: This book is also used in ENGL 1301

Recommended textbook: St. Martin’s Handbook by Lunsford, ISBN: 9871319107567; 2021, 9th edition, MacMillan Higher Education

  • Rent eTextbook through the TTU Bookstore
  • Rent or buy eTextbook via Amazon
  • Rent or buy eTextbook through MacMillan Learning
  • 2 print copies (8th ed.) are available for 2-hr on-campus use from the TTU-CR reserves

Note: This book is also used in ENGL 1301

ENGL 2311

ENGL 2311: Introduction to Technical Writing (Baumle- Lubbock)

Required textbook: Guide to Technical Communication by Holmes, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 9781266636608

  • (Discounted price) Purchase access to the ebook directly from the publisher using a special link in Blackboard - available the first day of class
  • Purchase access code to the ebook from the TTU Bookstore

Supplementary textbook: Open Technical Communication

  • Freely avaialble online

ENGL 2388

ENGL 2388: Introduction to Film Studies (Marsh)

No required textbook.