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TTU-CR Faculty Corner

Faculty in and teaching for the TTU-Costa Rica campus can access information related to library access, Blackboard basics, Raider Success Hub, Classroom Technology, Textbook adoption, and more.

Collaboration Options

Non essential image representing the concept of collaboration

Tools allow students to interact with one another. Different levels of privacy are available; grading is optional but possible.

The set up of tools is unique compared to assessments. Step one involves establishing the tool itself, then step two involves linking to the tool from a course content area.

Discussion Board: Building a sense of community among students is crucial for a successful online experience. The Discussion Board is an important tool for interpersonal interaction and can replicate the robust discussions that take place in a traditional classroom.

Journals: Journals are personal space for the student to communicate privately with the instructor.

Blogs: Blog writing assignments are another medium for reflective learning. With this type of assignment, students are expected to display their research, analytical, and communications skills through a series of commentaries meant for public consumption and comment.

Wikis: Wikis allow multiple students to share and collaborate on one or more pages of content. Pages can be created and edited quickly, while tracking changes and additions. Instructors can create one or more wikis for all course members to contribute to and wikis for specific groups to use to collaborate. Wikis can also be used to record information and serve as a repository for course information and knowledge.

Many other tools are available:

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