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TTU-CR Faculty Corner

Faculty in and teaching for the TTU-Costa Rica campus can access information related to library access, Blackboard basics, Raider Success Hub, Classroom Technology, Textbook adoption, and more.

Best Practices when Raising Alerts

Here are a few key points:

  • Raider Success Hub uses Alerts to notify students and their support network of academic or other concerns for a student's ability to successfully complete a course, etc. 
  • Raise alerts for an individual student or for a group of students at a time.
  • Always use the comments area to share additional information that can help the support team intervene if needed - students also receive the comments via email.
  • Use comments or chatter to record, update, or otherwise communicate progress regarding the tracking item - the support team will do the same
  • Resolve alerts that are no longer relevant
  • To learn how to complete each of these actions and more, go to the Raider Success Hub Information Page and click on Training.