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TTU-CR Faculty Corner

Faculty in and teaching for the TTU-Costa Rica campus can access information related to library access, Blackboard basics, Raider Success Hub, Classroom Technology, Textbook adoption, and more.

Quarterly Alert Moments

All instructors are asked to take a close look at student progress for each class every semester. Review attendance logs and student performance and raise an alert to the student success and intervention team as follows:

Week 2 - Engagement and Participation

Starting off on the right foot is essential to student success. Alert the team regarding students who do not have their required course materials, are not logging into Blackboard and/or homework platforms and submitting work, or who are not attending class.

Week 5 - Academic Performance

Try to structure your course to have a key assessment or around 20% of points available in or around week 5 to gauge student success. If a student is struggling, raise an alert regarding the situation so a student success team member may reach out to the student to offer support and services.

Week 8/10 - Mid-term grades

Alert the student success team and the students regarding their mid-term progress. If a student is in danger of failing, there still may be time for them to turn it around.

Week 13 - Drop Recommendations

If a student does not have a mathematical possibliity to pass a class, consult with the student about their academic standing and refer them to their advisor. Raise an alert indicating that you recommend dropping a class. Dropping a class must be completed before the specified deadline and can be beneficial in some cases.

Remember that all comments will be seen by students and their support network.