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TTU-CR Faculty Corner

Faculty in and teaching for the TTU-Costa Rica campus can access information related to library access, Blackboard basics, Raider Success Hub, Classroom Technology, Textbook adoption, and more.

Automatic Flag: Low Course Grade or In Danger of Failing

Strive will pull grade center details from Blackboard, which allows students and their support team to view this information in one place. Once feeding properly, Strive will automatically generate an Academic Concern flag if a student earns a C-average in your course (at any time) and an In Danger of Failing flag if they fall below a C-average.

Requires using the Blackboard's Grade Center

  1. Use its features to add a column that calculates the overall grade based on total points offered vs. total points received (at any given time) - this is called a Running Total.
  2. Set the Running Total column as the External Grade

Consult the Grade Center Worksheet (pdf provided below) for full set-up details. Abbreviated instructions are provided below.

The syncing process takes at least 24 hours. Wait at least overnight, then check you students in Strive to see if their grade details are feeding properly.

1. Add Running Total Column in Blackboard

  1. In the Blackboard course grade center, click on Create Calculated Column from the menu bar
  2. Select Total Column

Create Calculated Column Blackboard

  1. Name your column (required)
  2. Change primary and secondary displays as desired
  3. Chose which graded items to include in this total: either all grade columns or select columns and/or categories individually
  4. Make sure "Calculate as Running Total" is set to Yes in order for the column to function properly
  5. Adjust or accept the remaining 3 options as desired
  6. Click Submit to save your changes

Note: If there is already a Total Column in your gradebook, you can simply view and edit its settings as needed. To do so, click on the small drop-down arrow on the associated column and select "Edit Column Information". Proceed with checking and editing settings following steps 1-6 above.

Edit column information menu option


2. Set Column as External Grade

After properly establishing a Total Grade column, set it as the External Grade. Only one column can be set as such - this is the column that Strive reads when displaying grades there and initiating related flags.

  1. Click on the light-colored down arrow to the right of the Total grade column title in the main grade center grid. 
  2. Select "Set as External Grade" and notice the green checkbox appear in front of the column title.
  3. This process is now complete.

Menu view for Set as External Grade