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TTU-CR Faculty Corner

Faculty in and teaching for the TTU-Costa Rica campus can access information related to library access, Blackboard basics, Raider Success Hub, Classroom Technology, Textbook adoption, and more.

Raider Success Hub (Powered by Salesforce)

Raider Success Hub is a concept of the student success and retention initiative from the Provost's office at TTU-Lubbock with one primary purpose to report and track student progress. Tracking early and often is an essential practice toward student success - in and out of the classroom.

The associated software platform(s) connects students, faculty, and staff members for advising, tutoring, coaching, office hours, and many other important services.

Instructors take the lead in:

  • Fostering data feeds through Blackboard Grade Center and Attendance features
  • Raising alerts of concern and issuing kudos
  • Referring students to academic support systems/staff
  • Using the system to have students schedule office hours

Academic advisors take the lead in:

  • Receiving and managing alerts or referrals
  • Connecting students with members of the success team
  • Managing communications with instructors and students

Using the Grade Center and Attendance features in Blackboard helps to provide a wholistic picture of a student's progress. This picture helps the support and intervention team to step in quickly, efficiently, and appropriately.